IMAS Mixed Reality

eXeX designed and created a first of it’s kind mixed reality application for neurosurgeons to utilize. The suite of software encompasses the entire patient journey tied to the class leading IMAS platform, and harnesses the hardware of the Microsoft HoloLens.


Clarisonic Filters

eXeX created an augmented reality “lens” campaign for Clarisonic to promote their newest beauty care brush. The filter activates a 3D Mia Smart brush that scrubs away skin damage and then applies computer-generated makeup, finishing with a skin smoothing effect on the user. The campaign was launched by Nylon and debuted on Facebook and Snapchat


Performance Tech Racing

eXeX developed a series of social augmented reality “lenses” that work natively in Snapchat and Facebook for the Performance Tech race team. The experience is updated before race events with 3D interactive content such as updated vehicles, driver/event/car stats, and animations for fans to follow and share on their social media. 


Volkswagen Interactive Art

eXeX created an augmented reality art series for the debut of Volkswagen's new flagship Arteon sedan. Visitors to the art show would open the event app and point their smart devices at a piece of art, which would activate an interactive 3D experience.